Weddings at St. Joseph Cathedral

Photo Credit: Charissa Magno Photography

Congratulations on your decision to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage in the Catholic Church! We are pleased that you are considering celebrating your wedding ceremony here at St. Joseph’s and want you to know that we will be supportive during this time of preparation.

The overall purpose of marriage preparation with the community of the Church is to assist you in evaluating your readiness to live the married life, which, between two baptized persons, is a Sacrament. The primary purpose of the Church’s efforts is not to teach you how to be married, but rather, to help you better understand yourselves, as well as your commitment to living this vocation. Likewise, the Church needs to emphasize how important you as a married couple are to the life of the church. In order to assist you in making the best possible decisions regarding your marriage and to help you prepare well for this Sacrament, the Church provides guidelines and instructions. What follows are the pertinent guidelines and other items of information that will be helpful to you as you prepare for your marriage. (These guidelines follow the norms that have been established through the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego).

Click the link below do download our guidelines and read them carefully. In order to reserve a date for your wedding, both the bride and the groom must sign the “Couples Contract” and return it to the parish office acknowledging that you are wholly familiar with and will abide by these guidelines.

Wedding Guidelines

To schedule a meeting prior to your Marriage, please contact Lynn Martinez in the  parish office nine months prior to the anticipated wedding date at (619) 239-0229.