What We Will Remember From Easter 2021

We asked you to share your favorite memories from Easter 2021 at the Cathedral — and you did!  We were delighted and blessed by what we received.

Take a few minutes to read through the memories below. They will fill your hearts with Easter Joy. It is all perfectly summed up in the words of Danilo. “Last year, I was outside kneeling on the sidewalk on Easter. This year I was inside the Cathedral with my Family. THANK YOU JESUS!!! VIVAT JESUS!!!”

Amen to that.

I really enjoyed the music at the 10:30 mass. And our cantor really made the Easter Sequence very beautiful. I also noticed that she smiled during the Psalm! How can we not smile knowing that Jesus defeated death.

My favorite memory was the weekday 12:07 masses after Easter Sunday. With the music and all candles on the altar burning was a perfect way to spend the lunch hour.

My favorite memory is attending the Mass since there was no 2020 Easter Mass due to pandemic…

The reenactment of the “Passion” was so beautiful and therefore emotionally heartbreaking to never forget and truly realize that Jesus Christ loves us all so much that he was willing to die for us.

Kay L
I was chosen to present the Holy Oil of the Informed on Holy Thursday. I was anointed by Father Peter in February 2020 when my heart stopped. With God’s blessings and prayers from the wonderful people at St. Joseph’s I was here to present the oil. Thank you all.

Lara G
My favorite memory was sitting in church for the first time since the last mass before the shutdown. I’ve been to outdoor mass, but sitting in the pew on Ash Wednesday was such a beautiful surprise. As I sat there with my boyfriend, I reflected on all we’ve been thru, all the fear & unknown, yet we’ve survived it & come back to indoor mass. What a true blessing.Tommy & Carmen
Knowing that our Lord has risen and is among us all. He never left us .

Holy Thursday was so impactful….so impactful. Puts an exclamation mark on what our faith is all about.

The beauty of the celebrations on Holy Thursday and the Vigil Mass were for me a reminder of God’s enduring love.

The Saturday night Easter Vigil was very meaningful. Father made each Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation personal and full of special touches for each RCIA member. Those who were being Baptized wore gray robes and changed to white robes after the ceremony – very symbolic and memorable. The passing of the flame to light each candle in the darkened church was beautiful. Father’s homily was a highlight. We are blessed to have a pastor who honors and celebrates the Liturgy the way Fr. Peter does.

John Anthony
COVID 19 aside, my most memorable Easter Sundays were at St Joseph Cathedral for many years, hope to have many more!

Seeing all these Parishioners come back to Church for the first time. Visitors coming to Saint Joseph for the first time.

Lorenza H
Easter Sunday was the finale of a wonderful Holy Week celebration! This was my first Easter at St. Joseph’s or any Catholic Church. The Bible study with Fr. Peter during Lent gave it so much more meaning and to have Bishop McElroy gave the Homily and blessed me instead of receiving the Eucharist. A real blessing was the ability to meet him and then taking a picture with him after the service. Overall, I felt so much a part of the love.

While I am in Phoenix AZ. I was thrilled to see my brother going to communion on the video. * I am so thankful and blessed that through prayer not only has he returned to the church but is also active with the RCIA Program. PS, my brother is Rick Constantine. [* Note, you can watch the video from Fox 5 News on the homepage of our parish website,]

My favorite 2021 Easter memory @St Joseph’s was staying in touch through Flocknote and avoiding public gatherings.

Loved reconnecting with my husband over Easter dinner!

Maria Ruth
Being able to celebrate and usher on Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday was such a blessing and I am so glad to see the church is slowly going back to normal.

A peaceful experience

The greeting by Fr. Iloriam, soloist singing and homily.

Memories of Easter 2021 were so many because 2020 was in a lock-down, Last year, I was outside kneeling on the sidewalk on Easter. This year I was inside the Cathedral with my Family. THANK YOU JESUS!!! VIVAT JESUS!!!

Having a chance to see and gather together as a parish family after a long time away due to the pandemic bring a sense of togetherness as people of God. Hallelujah, God is good, all the time, every time

My most memorable Easter memory at St.Joseph’s was when we lived here 5 years ago. We were stationed in San Diego for 3 years due to my husband being active duty Navy. Our oldest was so young and he was surrounded by the wonderful Sunday school teachers and he was learning the meaning of Easter. We have been back to San Diego for almost a year now and we feel right at home back with our St. Joseph’s family. We are hoping to be stationed in San Diego for a long time with God’s will.

The Saturday Night Easter Vigil was a wonderful evening for all and Fr Peter created a holy environment that created everlasting blessings

Raymond & Kathleen
My favorite memory was attending 10:30 Mass with Bishop McElroy presiding as well as the beautiful singing! It was a very beautiful day to celebrate the risen Christ!
Kathleen & Ray Smith

When the Holy Oil touched my forehead, and I was Confirmed.

My favorite memory of Easter 2021 was going to mass and seeing my parents spend time with my 9-month-old daughter.