Bishop Moses Chikwe Rescued in Nigeria

The people of St. Joseph Cathedral thank God for the reported safe release of Most Reverend Moses Chikwe, Auxiliary Bishop of Owerri, Nigeria . This past Sunday, December 27, the Bishop was kidnapped along with his driver, Ndubuisi Robert.  
On January 1, the Nigerian press reported that Bishop Chikwe had been rescued by the Nigerian Police. 
We have followed this story closely because Father Moses was in residence at the Cathedral for seven years, while he obtained a PhD in Education from UCLA. He was called back to Nigeria by his bishop, where he served as principal of a high school before being named Assistant Bishop. Nigeria is currently torn by ethnic and religious conflict, and there has been much persecution of the Catholics who make up much of the Population there. 
Please join us in prayers of gratitude for the rescue of Bishop Moses, and for the safety of persecuted Christians in Nigeria and around the world.