Feeding our Faith During Covid-19

During Covid-19, parishioners at St. Joseph Cathedral continue actively feeding their faith. Sadly, we cannot come together the way we would like to and we miss seeing each other. But Faith is a living thing — you either take care of it, or it can start to fade. Until we can gather again, our members are making the effort to connect in other ways.

This week’s Parishioner Spotlight

Lilia Garcia is an active parishioner. She is a Eucharistic Minister, a volunteer catechist, and in regular times she teaches a faith formation class on Sundays. She also serves as a member of the Parish Finance Council and helps out in the parish office as a receptionist.
  • What do you miss about St. Joseph?

“I miss the physical aspect of celebrating Mass & receiving the Eucharist. Although the Church has been so good about keeping others connected through virtual mass recording or even live-streaming, the physical aspect is still missing and I find myself longing for that experience.”

  • What are one or two ways you are keeping connected with your faith?

“I attend the daily Mass online from different Dioceses here in the US & in the Philippines. In reality the virus didn’t shutdown the church —JESUS brought the church to every home!”

“I watch spiritual talks of my brother —Bishop Pablo David—on YouTube. My spiritual buddy ( from Filipino Cursillo) and I continue faith sharing through text messaging.”

“Something I really like about  video Mass is that if there’s a homily that I really like or I was moved by it—I can replay it & continue reflecting on it. During a typical Mass celebration, I am lucky if I remember to write something down when I get home.”


St. Joseph Parishioners: Ready to share how you are Feeding your Faith? Contact Chris Carstens at .