America’s Finest City Half Marathon: ROAD CLOSURES

Please note that on Sunday, August 19th, several streets will be closed due to America’s Finest City Half Marathon. If you regularly attend the morning Masses, your commute might be affected. Please kindly share the following information with your pew-mates and fellow morning Mass goers!

The 6th Ave exit from I-5 N to 6th Ave will be closed to traffic from 6-10am and Quince St exit from 163 N will be closed from 6-7am.

Traffic northbound from downtown will not be able to cross ‘A’ St between India St and 6th Ave from 7:25-9:30am.

After 7:30am, parishioners from the downtown area or east of Balboa Park driving north on I-5 should take 163 N and exit at Quince St to 4th or 6th Ave.

Thank you so much for your patience! Your dedication to coming to our parish weekly means a lot to us –especially when the rest of San Diego is running a half marathon on your normal route to get here!