Father’s Day Novena

We just finished our novenas for our Moms and it’s just about time to start thinking about our Dads! Often times, our Dads get lost in the shadows. They don’t get the same recognition that Moms do. But, like our patron St. Joseph, there are many men out there who, don’t do it for the recognition. There are heroic men out there providing for their families no matter what effort it takes from them. Whatever the sacrifice it costs from him, there are good fathers out there who continue to push through for the health, well-being, comfort, and safety of their families. Perhaps reading this brought to mind a man in your life. Maybe he’s your biological Dad. Maybe he’s your adoptive Dad. Maybe he’s your foster Dad. Maybe it’s a Father Figure who’s been there for you when you most needed someone to call ‘Dad’. If you have someone in mind, living or deceased, please come by the vestibule of the Church and pick up a Father’s Day Novena card and enroll that man in our novena of Masses beginning on Father’s Day June 18th.