Quicksand Rose

For a moment let us reflect on, not the beautiful rose just yet, but on the effects of quicksand itself.

Life, like quicksand will pull us in until we are trapped and drowning.  Drowning in worry and anxiousness just like Martha in today’s reading.  We are quick to play the “woe is me” card.  We sulk and silently re-play our disappointment over and over again.  This, of course is damaging to our heart and soul.

Instead, let us focus on our Lord God.  We have so much to look forward to, so much to be thankful for, and so much of God’s beautiful creation to enjoy.   Thank you Lord for the delicately splendid Quicksand rose and for each and every blessing so generously granted.

(Of course, when I say “we,” I really mean “I” )

“(YOUR NAME HERE), (YOUR NAME HERE), you are anxious and worried about many things.”

Luke 10:41

By: Sandra Alonso