Second Scrutiny

  • 03/27/2022
  • 9:00 am - 10:00 am

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This Sunday, March 27th at the 9:00am Mass
We cannot travel into the darkness without a source of light. Those going through the Second Scrutiny have come seeking light instead of darkness. When Jesus heals the blind man, he not only gives to him a physical sight that is real, but he also provides for him a new spiritual lens through which he can see the world. Those who witness the healing, those who then encounter the man, and even those who maintain a cynicism toward him, all have been offered this new way of seeing the world. Those of us who have been baptized have this gift of new sight, but too often we either choose to put on glasses of sin or despair or act like we cannot see that which exists clearly in front of us. We pray for those who will be baptized at Easter to be freed from their darkness, while we oftentimes choose to live with our eyes closed. As we listen to the words of Jesus in the Gospel proclaiming he is the Light of the World, let us resolve to allow God to provide a light for our path so that we may share the good news of this Light with all around us.
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