Music Ministry

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We are committed to building a youth music program that will provide music and liturgical training for our young people. The program is for students (Ages 7 thru 14).

This invitation extends to St. Joseph Cathedral families as well as students throughout the diocese in Catholic, public, and private schools. There is no cost involved. We hope that you will recognize the need and rediscover the value of music and the effect it can have in the faith formation of our young people. The program has a reasonable time commitment allowing you to balance other obligations and responsibilities throughout the week. The program is broken into 2 semesters. The first semester runs from September thru December and includes the following schedule….

For more information please contact

St. Joseph Cathedral at 619 239-0229 xt_114


“Singing is praying twice!”

This quote is traditionally attributed to St. Augustine of Hippo. Regardless of who said it, our Cathedral choir sings and prays twice beautifully! If you or someone you know is interested in joining our choir, we would be blessed to have you! We accept anyone from the young ones to the young once as long as you have a voice that wants to praise God through music! Please contact Pat Robell at for more information regarding choir practices. We look forward to worshiping with you soon!